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Have Cigar - Will Review

Smokeasy appreciates our industry partnerships

Smokeasy truly enjoys reviewing cigars - be it a new release or relaunch of an older brand - and more than happy to share great information with readers!


Cigar manufacturers, cigar companies, cigar shops, and public relations firms/agencies, please note the following:


  • If you have (a) cigar(s) that you would like Smokeasy to review, please feel free contact Smokeasy using the form below


  • Smokeasy makes every effort to review your cigar(s) within 3 months (Smokeasy ensures that all cigars rest in the humidor for a minimum of 2 weeks from receipt prior to tasting)


  • Please send Smokeasy any press information, non-proprietary details about the blend(s), website and social media information, contact information, or any other notes that you would like to be included in the review


  • Smokeasy does not guarantee that a review will be published - Smokeasy takes pride in honest, constructive, and unbiased cigar reviews, but will NEVER publish any negative opinions.  As Smokeasy appreciates and respects all of our industry friends and all of your hard work and diligence, any criticisms that may be construed as negative to readers will be shared and communicated to you directly, and privately


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