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Here's to you - WELCOME!

Welcome to Smokeasy!

A "speakeasy", which became prominent in the US during the Prohibition period in the 1920s, is a low-profile establishment where alcoholic beverages were illegally sold - usually a higher class establishment that also offered food and entertainment...a place where people of like minds can congregate to indulge and enjoy each other's company.

I am extraordinarily proud of Smokeasy, a cyberspace environment where my fellow enthusiasts can obtain fun information about cigars. I have been an aficionado for many years now, and I have been inspired by my wife to share my knowledge, expertise, and experiences with the world - I have a lot to talk about and much to share. From the novice smoker to the connoisseur, and anyone in between, Smokeasy will cover topics such as cigar traditions, manufacturing and production excellence, etiquette, cigar selection and care, drink pairings, expert reviews of cigars, tobacconists, and lounges, etc. But most of all, Smokeasy will give you an inside look at affection for the cigar life!

So here's to you - I raise my glass of Woodford Reserve bourbon and send a toast to you, as you join me on this follow me and enjoy the ride!

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