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Smokeasy Review - Gurkha Seduction Toro

Country of origin: Honduras

Color: Maduro

Length: 6"

Ring gauge: 55

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano

Binder: Dominican, Olor

Filler: Corojo, Colombian

Rating: ★★★★ (very good)

This can easily become one of my "everyday" smokes...

I have read a few unflattering reviews of this cigar; however, this cigar is too attractive to pass by. A large ring gauged maduro...with a large ornate eye-catching black box...and the name "Seduction" - I just could NOT say no! And despite some of the reviews I've read in the past, I have heard anecdotally that this is a great smoke.

The cigar has a beautiful silky chocolate brown wrapper, which was evenly colored and quite veiny with no toothiness. It was supple, yet firm to palpation. The aroma of rich leather and tobacco was extraordinarily pleasant, but also reminded me of espresso at times. I believe I may have indulged in its fragrance for at least 15 minutes before lighting it. The pre-draw was bold with an appealing sweet earthiness to it. 

The cigar lit nicely and had a very easy draw throughout the smoke - each draw gave way to a palate full of smoke. Although quite flavorful, this cigar has a mild-to-medium body, which was a bit surprising given the richness of the wrapper, the girth of the stick, and the intensity of its bouquet. I expected a much fuller body, but was not disappointed at all.

Initially the smoke was very creamy with hints of vanilla and the predictable notes of rich leather. Approximately halfway through the smoke, the flavor transitioned smoothly to a slightly bolder woody taste with subtle suggestions of pepper and spiciness - nothing overpowering.

The finale provided wonderful flavors of rich cinnamon coffee with an understated nuttiness. This flavor was well maintained right down to the nub, which did not burn hot and remained pretty cool - I was wondering when the pulp of my thumb and index finger would start to feel the burn...and it never happened. The cigar was very well constructed and maintained a long, firm, tight ash throughout the smoke and I voluntarily broke the ash four times. No re-light was required at all, and the nub tranquilly burned itself out. I will admit that I wasn't ready for this enjoyable smoke to end. Seduction is an absolutely incredible cigar...

In addition to the Toro, Seduction is available in 3 other sizes: Robusto (5' x 55), Churchill (7' x 55), and XO (6" x 60). Check out the website at

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