From Seedling to Packaging - The Cigar Odyssey with Rocky Patel

There is no question that the Rocky Patel Premium Cigar Company has distinguished itself as one of the most prestigious premium cigar brands in the world. With 19 lines in their portfolio, the majority of which have been consistently rated 90 and above by Cigar Aficionado and Smoke magazines, as well as various other reviews, Rocky Patel has become a dominant brand in the industry since the mid-1990s.

There are a plethora of cigar-related videos on the Internet that cover anything from "Cigar 101"-type instructions to the various aspects of cigar manufacturing. However, I've found the "Rocky TV" videos from the company website to be the most enjoyable. These videos demonstrate the dedication, persistence, and attention to detail that is instilled into each and every step of the manufacturing process. This labor of love made me truly appreciate the craftsmanship of fine premium cigars, particularly the Rocky Patel lines which I enjoy so much. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did - and check the glossary below to help understand some of the terminology that Rocky uses throughout the series!

Video 1 - Introduction

Rocky introduces the video series by briefly describing the basic differences of how tobacco is grown and the importance of the soil mineral content.

Video 2 - The Nursery

Rocky describes the meticulous work of the nursery where the tobacco seedlings are planted.

Video 3 - The Curing Barn

Rocky shows the work that occurs in the curing barns, where the tobacco leaves harvested from the farms will be hung for curing prior to fermentation. He also describes the quality control standard employed for curing.

Video 4 - Fermentation

Rocky details the time-staking process that occurs once the tobacco has left the curing barns and prepared for fermentation, the laborious and critical step during the manufacture of premium cigars.

Video 5 - Sorting

Rocky describes the sorting process and the strict standards he implements before the tobacco leaves are brought to the production floor.

Video 6 - Production & Quality Control

Rocky on the production floor describing what occurs after the fermentation process - the construction of a fine cigar. From the bunching of the tobacco, the rolling of the cigars, the multiple inspections, to the aging room...another tedious process to ensure the utmost quality.

Video 7 - Packaging

Rocky in the packaging department. This final stage includes yet another meticulous set of cigar inspections of the cigars prior to the banding and box packaging. Rocky also describes the process of box pressing cigars.

The next time you pick up a cigar, take moment to admire it and think of its journey...from seedling to the marvel that you are about to enjoy!