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Smokeasy Shorts - Alec Bradley Sun Grown Robusto

Country of origin: Honduras

Color: Maduro

Length: 5"

Ring gauge: 50

Wrapper: Brazilian Mata Fina

Binder: Honduran

Filler: Nicaraguan (Jalapa & Esteli); Colombian

Well, here is yet another fine Alec Bradley private label cigar carried exclusively by Famous Smoke Shop. This cigar is not to be mistaken with the American Sun Grown blend. For the life of me, I cannot remember when or how I got these little gems, but they had been resting at the bottom of one of my humidors for quite time now. I figured that it's about time to transfer these to my travel humidor and make them "commute cigars" for the road a few weeks ago.

This robusto is gorgeous - the wrapper is somewhat mottled, but has a rich dark brown color with small veins and visible seams. The wrapper is smooth to the touch and has an pretty oily sheen. Much like several Alec Bradley lines (except the Black Market), the cigar has a rather ornate gold band, with a secondary band embossed with "Sun Grown". The wrapper and the foot provided a sweet leathery aroma. The cold draw was nice and easy after applying a guillotine cut - picked up some earthy tobacco flavor. The cigar lit very easily and had an extraordinary burn - the construction is superb, as I only tapped the ash once during the entire smoke (and this was consistent with all Sun Growns that I smoked).

This medium-bodied smoke provides robust flavors and is quite earthy, starting with some sweetness and some spiciness, similar to nutmeg, that sits on the palate. At about the midpoint of the smoke, the earthiness persists; however, takes on a smooth buttery nature. The spiciness is lost towards the finish, but the cigar takes on a very nice cedar woodiness with some notable hints of nuttiness, similar to toasted almonds.

The Alec Bradley Sun Grown Robusto is a very nice cigar and quite enjoyable - great commute cigar, and pairs well with a morning cup of coffee (loved it with my caramel French vanilla and Brazilian Dark Roast coffees)!

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