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Smokeasy Q&A

Random questions frequently asked by novice smokers and aspiring cigar connoisseurs

I saw some cigars in a shop covered with some white shit - why would they keep those moldy cigars on their shelves?

Maaannnn, that's good shit right there!

The white powdery substance that you may find on a cigar wrapper (the actual cigar wrapper, and sometimes on the inside of the cellophane wrapper) is called plume (or bloom). As a cigar ages, some of its oils may slowly exude from within the cigar over time through the wrapper. The oils dry and subsequently crystallize on the wrapper, forming a white, fuzzy plume - it's completely natural, harmless, and a sign that the cigar is aging quite well.

Many mistake plume for mold, which is generally bluish in color and will absolutely ruin cigars. Mold is generally caused when cigars are stored in a warmer, over-humidified environment. In addition, mold will appear in spots giving the cigar wrapper a blotchy appearance. Plume covers a larger surface area on the wrapper, and will flake off when rubbed; mold won't.

So next time you see a cigar with plume, either gently rub it off with your fingers before lighting, or just say "Screw it!" and light that puppy up and enjoy!


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