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Smokeasy Q&A

Random questions frequently asked by novice smokers and aspiring cigar connoisseurs

Is it unladylike to smoke cigars?

Are you kidding me? HELL NO!

I can't tell you how many times I've been asked this question by the ladies - at barbecues, at picnics, in cigar lounges, in parks, on the soccer fields... The inquirers are women who either:

  1. Simply enjoy the aroma of a good cigar;

  2. Have a spouse or significant other who smokes cigars and they're curious;

  3. Have fond childhood memories of their father, grandfather, or uncle who smoked cigars; or

  4. Enjoy cigars "in the closet", due to fear of not being accepted by men who smoke or their peers who shun other women who smoke cigars.

I am finding more and more sisters of the leaf enjoying cigars in places that have historically been populated by men - cigar bars/lounges and even local B & Ms. Women are becoming more passionate and knowledgable about tobacco and cigars. You will find many more women in the industry as ambassadors and representatives for various cigar manufacturers, and there are more cigar brands on the market that have been created and/or marketed by women - check La Dueña (Janny Garcia), Tres Reynas (Patricia Quesada, Raquel Quesada, and Janny Garcia), Valeroso Primavera (Marie Cabrera), La Flor Dominicana (Ines Gomez), Perdomo (Janine Perdomo), Padron (Jessica Padron), La Sirena/Merlion (Arielle Ditkowich), and Hechicera (Grace Sotolongo; coming soon) name a few. There are a plethora of female aficionados all over social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Keek), sharing their cigar experiences, posting reviews, and promoting cigar events on a daily basis.

Personally, I believe that if one truly observes a woman smoking a cigar, it's exponential sexiness - it's how she handles the cigar with her fingers, it's how it's brought to her mouth, how she wraps her lips around the cigar, it's the slow pull, and the kisses of smoke that are released from her lips...all with a relaxed state of mind which is quite noticeable if you pay attention to her body language.

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