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Smokeasy Q&A

Random questions frequently asked by novice smokers and aspiring cigar connoisseurs

Should I remove the band before I light my cigar?

It's totally up to you...

Some choose to remove their bands before they light; some at the time they choose the cigar from the humidor. I've been told by a few that their cigar choice is personal and they do not feel the need to advertise the cigar they are smoking. Others, like me, don't mind leaving the band on while smoking - in fact, the band is a great conversation-starter. And whether the band is simple or ornate, it contributes to the aesthetic character of the cigar.

Should you choose to remove the band before lighting the cigar, take great caution. Cigar bands are held together by a flavorless, odorless vegetable glue known as pectin. As heat passes through the cigar during your smoke, the glue softens - making it easier to remove the band. After approximately 2-3 inches of the cigar has been burned, you should be able to remove the band quite easily; however, I generally wait until the burn line is just approaching the bottom border of the band, at which time I remove it. Removing the band before lighting cigar will run the risk of damaging the wrapper since the glue will still be intact.


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