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Smokeasy Q&A

Random questions frequently asked by novice smokers and aspiring cigar connoisseurs

I heard that I should not be using a Bic lighter for my cigars - is this true?

Personally, I would advise against it.

Using a soft flame lighter like a Bic is like trying to light your cigar with a candle.

Few reasons to avoid using a cheap, disposable, convenience store Bic-type lighter:

  1. Uhhh, they're cheap...If you're gonna invest in smoking good premium cigars, invest in purchasing a good lighter - Colibri, Xikar, Vector are great reputable brands that make fine butane lighters.

  2. Soft flame lighters take longer to toast the foot of the cigar for lighting. And the metal tip of Bic lighters get hot very quickly, so you can expect to burn your fingers as you attempt to toast and light your cigar.

  3. Bic lighters don't work well outdoors - the flame can be extinguished with just the slightest wind.

  4. Although Bic lighters contain butane, I've also heard that they contain additional chemicals that may alter the taste of your cigars once lit. I can't confirm nor deny this - since I don't use Bic lighters, guess I'll never know!

  5. Soft flame lighters are inaccurate in terms of directing the flame and heat to where it needs to be for proper toasting and lighting. You also risk having the flame burn the cigar wrapper.

  6. Did I mention already that they're cheap???

Leave the Bic-type lighters for the cigarette smokers...

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