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A Little Hip-Hop at the Nat Sherman Townhouse

OK, let's be clear - this is NOT an announcement of the release of Rick Ross' new album "Mastermind", which just so happens to drop tomorrow, March 4th. Those who know me understand my allegiance to hip-hop - how it runs through my veins and is in every fiber of my being (but I digress). And I am not Rozay's biggest fan either (there are just a handful of tracks that remain on my playlists, primarily due to the dope production, but again, I digress).

This is all about Billboard conducting an interview and photo shoot with Rozay at the famed Nat Sherman Townhouse in New York City - WAY cool...

Rick Ross with Michael Herklots, Vice President, Retail and Brand Development, Nat Sherman

Courtesy of Nat Sherman Cigars

Cigar life has been embraced by the hip-hop community for quite some time; however, for all the wrong reasons, in my opinion. Cigar smoking has been objectified as the "high life", a symbol of living large, the "boss life" if you will. And I can't stand people who front with cigars. I believe that true hip-hop cigar aficionados (i.e. brothers and sisters of the leaf with a true appreciation for fine, premium cigars with discerning palates who are true hip-hop junkies) are a relatively rare breed. But it pleases me to see the ultra-classy Nat Sherman Townhouse opening its doors for a video and photo shoot in prep for the "Mastermind" album release. Check it...

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