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Smokeasy Shorts - Carlos Toraño Casa Toraño Robusto

Country of origin: Honduras

Color: Colorado Claro

Length: 4¾"

Ring gauge: 52

Wrapper: Ecuador-Connecticut

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler:Honduran/Nicaraguan/private family blend of Central & South American tobacco

With about 15 cigar lines, and a partnership with Leccia Tobacco, you will find it extraordinarily challenging to meet a Toraño Family Cigar Company cigar that you won't like. So far I've smoked 7 of the 15, and have enjoyed them all. But let's talk about this Casa Toraño Robusto for a minute...

The Casa Toraño Robusto has a nice colorado claro wrapper with moderate veins and visible seams. The wrapper has a leathery, barnyard aroma, but the foot gives off a strong aroma of sweet tobacco. The cold draw provides some sweet tobacco flavor as well, but this is not an indication of what's to come once lit.

The smoke starts with some heavy blasts of black pepper that dominates the palate; however, there's an earthy, rather grassy, flavor that kicks up with some elements of charred wood. Transitioning to the second third, the smoke smooths out and becomes more creamy in texture - the pepper diminishes a bit as the grassiness increases, but a new element of citrus peel bitterness is introduced. The charred woody flavor notes remain unchanged. The final third of the smoke really mellows out, as the black pepper becomes almost non-existent and the woodiness has diminished as well. The earthy and citrus peel flavor remains present through the finish, at which point there is a sweet aftertaste that remains on the palate.

The Casa Toraño Robusto is a very nice medium-bodied, medium-strength cigar. After such a bold introduction, the progressive smoothness was unexpected, but a truly enjoyable smoke nevertheless. Well done, Charlie and family...

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