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Smokeasy Q&A

Random questions frequently asked by novice smokers and aspiring cigar connoisseurs

How far down should I smoke my cigar?

'Til it burns your fingers!

Seriously, there's no rules here - as long as you're enjoying the cigar, smoke it as far down as you desire, down to literally a nub. And if your fingers start to feel hot, you may be tempted to use a "nub tool" to allow you to continue to enjoy that smoke. Don't go looking online or at your local B&M for a nub tool; you likely already have one at your disposal...a toothpick, wooden match, corn cob holder, a straightened-out paper clip. Hell, I've even seen people place the nub into a pipe and continue to smoke it that way!

Some enthusiasts will only smoke their cigars down to the band. I tend to remove my band and continue my smoke as long as it continues to provide great flavor. Not all cigars are "nub-worthy" - even some of the most complex, flavorful, well-balanced cigars reach a threshold where the flavor becomes more bitter and just too hot to continue to smoke before reaching the point where you can no handle with your fingers. On the other hand, there are some cigars that still retain their flavor and a relatively cool burn despite how small the nub is.

Bottom line, smoke to your heart's content...


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