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Pennsylvania Governor Proposing Increased Tax Rate on Premium Cigars

Time for more action...

Currently the state of Pennsylvania does not impose an "other tobacco products" tax (which includes cigars). However, Governor Tom Wolf (D), who recently took office in January 2015, is proposing a 40% tax increase on premium cigars in his new state budget (40% of the wholesale cost). If passed, prices of cigars sold in Pennsylvania will increase dramatically, literally overnight. This will significantly affect cigar retailers, and consumers alike.

Our brothers and sisters of the leaf in PA are urged to take action by contacting your local state representatives and request that they vote "NO" on the new cigar tax proposal. Click on this link to submit a pre-written electronic message (which may be edited to add your own text) to your state representatives at the Cigar Rights of America website immediately:

Mission critical - act now!

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