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Oregon Lawmakers Tried, But No Cigar Today

To all our #botl & #sotl of the State of Oregon - CONGRATULATIONS!

Currently, the tobacco products excise tax rate in Oregon is 65% of the wholesale price, with a cap of 50¢ per cigar. However, in efforts to target premium cigars to increase revenue, Oregon lawmakers sought to remove the current cap, in which cigars would be taxed at 65% percent of the wholesale price. If passed, Senate Bill 925-A4 (SB 925) would drive the prices of premium cigars so high that consumers may be forced to purchase their smokes from online retailers to dodge such taxation. Obviously, this would hurt our brick & mortar establishments in the state.

But it was the efforts of the Cigar Rights of America (CRA), the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers association (IPCPR), retailers, and cigar enthusiasts who, through floods of support, convinced the Oregon House of Representatives and House Committee on Revenue to oppose SB 925. Today, the bill was sent back to the House Committee to be reworked and revised. According to the IPCPR, the plan does not include any changes to the cigar tax or repeal of the tax cap; regardless, today was definitely a win - another battle won, but the war is far from over...

Oh yeah, Smokeasy® is a proud member of the CRA - #BOOM

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