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CAO Cigars' Next Generation

Check out below from CAO Cigars, as they introduce their New Age line of cigars. You're likely already well aware of, or have already smoked, some or all of the cigars from this line - personally, the Flathead and the LX2 are my absolute faves of this bunch. I've reviewed the Flathead (click on Smokeasy Review - CAO Flathead V554 Camshaft) and my review of the LX2 Belicoso is forthcoming, so stay tuned. Check it out...

Welcome to the New Age

As the great Abe Lincoln once said, “The best way to predict your future is by creating it.”

At CAO, we like to approach the future with boundless ingenuity.

We design cigars that force us to think outside-the-box so that something unheard of can go inside of it.

Introducing the New Age. The next generation of cigars.

What you’ll find here is a cigar breakdown of our New Age line, a video from our master blender Rick Rodriguez, and unforgettable knowledge about what the future holds. Think you’re ready?


A staple in any CAO smoker’s humidor, the CAO Flathead line is made for those who like to flex some muscle, rev their engine and hit on all cylinders. Hand-shaped to deliver a striking flat top, each frontmark is named after an engine part. It’s box and flysheet make this cigar a true collectors item.


Music and cigars, the perfect harmony. Created as a tribute to our roots in Nashville, Concert features a blend of diverse, spicy tobaccos that hits all the right notes. A cigar pick shaped band, an ecuadorian rosado wrapper and a Connecticut broadleaf binder gives this cigar sweet melody. Raise your lighters and rock on.


A powerful, full-bodied blend created on our 140-acre Pueblo Nuevo farm in Nicaragua. The name “LX2” meaning ligero times two (Dominican and Nicaraguan) is bounded with brawny Honduran tobacco and wrapped in a beautiful sun grown Nicaraguan leaf. Unique and an absolute show stopper.


For those maduro wrapper lovers, you’re probably well aware of our MX2 blend. This sweet and zesty blend has two maduro wrappers, a Connecticut broadleaf wrapper and filler from 5 countries. A superb way to take in the future.

Our inspiration and creativity has no bounds and our next cigar will be something you and your crew won’t be able to stop. Want to know what’s next from the CAO New Age? Follow us on social and be sure to circle back.

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