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Habanos S.A. Releases Limited Edition Cigar Flights

News from Habanos S.A. on their global release of limited edition samplers:

Launch of Petit Robustos

In an effort to never stop surprising and enchanting people, Habanos S.A has sent its Petit Robustos Selection case to all sales outlets in every corner of Earth, a product that exclusively targets Duty Free and Travel Retail channels since 2012, which has been acclaimed by connoisseurs of Premium Cigars.

This time round, the elegant case features the brand-new ring of Cohiba and Montecristo, and it includes 10 Petit Robustos (Ring Gauge 50 x 102mm long), a very popular format among enthusiasts. The Selection includes five of the most prestigious brands of Habanos: Cohiba, Montecristo, Partagás, Romeo y Julieta and H. Upmann.

There is a special attraction in tasting the blend of these different and distinctive brands, so this selection is a deluxe choice for people interested in enjoying different tastes of Habanos in only 20 minutes per each vitola. Petit Robustos Selection is certainly going to be an unforgettable experience and a one-of-a-kind opportunity.

Only 15,000 cases have been produced and they are already available around the world. These Habanos has been manufactured with binder and filler from Vuelta Abajo, in Pinar del Rio, Cuba.



Rolled with the “selection of the selection” of the finest leaves from tobacco plantations in San Juan & Martinez and San Luis, in Vuelta Abajo, the additional fermentation of ¨Dry¨ and ¨Light¨ leaves gives unique aroma and taste. Cohiba is Habanos’ most prestigious brand.


Habanos’ most famous brand and, perhaps, the most acclaimed due to its characteristic mild-to-strong taste, described my many enthusiasts as the taste benchmark of Habano.


Its balanced and aromatic blend makes Romeo y Julieta stand out as the classic mild-taste Habano.


A Partagás Habano always has a quite special character and it is immediately recognized because of its nice and intense taste.


H. Upmann is penciled in as an example of the most refined Habanos, with soft-to-mild strength in its blend.

Store Vitola: Petit Robustos Selection

Factory Vitola: Petit Robustos

Sizes: Ring Gauge 50 (19.84 mm) x 102 mm (4") long

Presentation: Wood case with 10 Habanos, 2 per each Brand

Production: 15,000 cases

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