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Smokeasy Q&A

Random questions frequently asked by novice smokers and aspiring cigar connoisseurs

Can I store my cigars in the refrigerator?

No, not a good idea at all...

Cigars should be maintained in an environment that is a perfect (or at least close to perfect) balance of temperature and humidity. Obviously refrigeration is the antithesis of humidification, as the refrigerator is simply a thermally insulated compartment that has a heat pump that transfers heat from the interior to the exterior so that the interior is cooled. The cooling of the interior of the refrigerator below the room's ambient temperature actually dehydrates the interior; therefore, storing cigars in the refrigerator will eventually dry them out.

Remember that the optimal storage for cigars is in the range of 60%-70% humidity and the range of 65°-70°F temperature range - and the optimal storage for perishable food is approximately 37°-41°F. So the cooling and dehydration properties of the refrigerator are not conducive to proper cigar storage.


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