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Beverly Hills Elite Luxury Brand Partnering With La Aurora on a Super Premium Cigar

Paul Maldonado, president/CEO of The Maldonado Dynasty of Beverly Hills, is seeking to expand his company's luxury brand into the cigar industry with the release of The Mogul. The full-bodied, medium strength cigar will be produced under the guidance of Guillermo Leon at La Aurora, which will don a Brazilian corojo wrapper and made available in two vitolas: a 6" x 50 Toro and a 4¾" x 52 Robusto. Check out the press release...

The Maldonado Dynasty is a Legacy of World Class Luxury and Elegance. A tradition of Prestige and Passion, which is captured in everything we handcraft, from our Ultra-Luxury, Super-Premium cigars, our Elegant Men's Fragrances to our Chic Wilshire Blvd. Collection.

Paul Maldonado FOUNDER - is a world traveler, inspired and driven by his love of premium cigars, leisure, elegance and all things luxury. His goal was to give Beverly Hills its own cigar line and build The Maldonado Dynasty into a Global Luxury brand. He utilizes his experience as a director/producer in all creative marketing campaigns to build Maldonado into what it is quickly becoming-an elite luxury brand. Destiny was inevitable, Paul studied high school abroad, attending Santiago Christian School in the mecca of the cigar movement of the Dominican Republic.

As we continue to grow into the future, we are looking to establish The Maldonado Dynasty as an elite Luxury brand in the cigar and global affluent market. Along with sponsoring sporting events like Polo, Sailing, Golfing, and Tennis, we will also sponsor the arts and its cultivation into the future. And just as importantly, we will form fruitful partnerships with other Luxury brands throughout the world.

The Maldonado Dynasty commemorates the exclusive premier of our Super-Premium cigars at our signature Maldonado Black and White Jazz Affair. The Jazz Affair is a formal event that brings the sophisticated world class elegance of Monte Carlo to each of our destinations, including Miami, NYC, Chicago, Beverly Hills, Shanghai and Paris. The classy evenings are filled with live jazz, flowing champagne, dancing, casino, and Maldonado cigars.

Our Premier blend: ""The Mogul," was a labor of love and precisely what Paul Maldonado envisioned when he set out to create the blend, as his goal was to set the tone of The Maldonado Dynasty and he did just that. After over a year of testing different blends, we handcrafted a beautiful and unique blend that temps the palette with rich and complex flavors, a robust body, sinfully-delicious aroma, and a smooth finish. The Ultra-Luxury, Super-Premium cigar pays meticulously attention to every detail as we embodied the spirit of The Mogul into every cigar. Even the band and box design took some time to reach its perfection and wrap our cigars with style. Our final blend, holds true to the spirit of The Mogul; Powerful, Elegant, and Prestigious.

We have completed the Maldonado signature Men's fragrance line to be released in later in 2015, after nearly a year of development. It will premier at The Maldonado Black and White Jazz Affair.

The Maldonado Dynasty is very much committed to giving back, therefore as part of the Maldonado Black and White Jazz Affair, we have partnered up with charity foundations to facilite change in the world. Philanthropy is a corner stone at the core of our brand.

The Maldonado Dynasty

312 S. Beverly Hills Drive

Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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