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CAO Cigars Continues to Broaden Their Portfolio With New Releases

CAO Cigars has been quite busy... Coming out of the recent International Premium Cigar & Premium Retailers Association (IPCPR) trade show last month, check out these new additions to their portfolio.

CAO Cigars Experiments With Pilón Fermentation

When the CAO blending team set out to create a new cigar for the Classic Series, they went with a fermentation technique used in old-world Cuba, the round pilón. Dating back to the 19th century, a pilón is a stack of tobacco leaves meticulously arranged in small configurations. This process of natural fermentation maximizes the flavor and color of the leaves to deliver a taste and appearance unattainable through other methods.

The practice of pilón fermentation was abandoned nearly a half century ago in favor of less time-consuming methods. Still, CAO chose to use this method because it really delivers when it comes to flavor. It also reduces the ammonia and sugar content of the wrapper leaf, to improve burning and combustibility.

CAO Pilón is the brainchild of Agustin Garcia and Rick Rodriquez. Rick said, “We have experimented with pilón fermentation for several years. It’s a very labor intensive process and we took our time perfecting it. We thought it was the right time to create a line around this classic technique because it does such incredible things to the tobacco. This is the first time we’re using the pilón method, but I can tell you, it won’t be the last.”

The blending team applied pilón fermentation exclusively to the silky Cuban seed Ecuadoran wrapper and built the blend with spicy Nicaraguan filler and binder leaves from the distinctive growing regions of Esteli and Ometepe. The result is a collection of well-balanced cigars that bear a deep, rich color and an incredible depth of flavor, featuring with notes of wood, spice and a touch of sweetness.

CAO Pilón ships in August and will be available in three classic sizes, each housed in rustic, 20-count boxes.

  • Churchill 7" x 48 – SRP per cigar $7.25

  • Robusto 5" x 52 – SRP per cigar $6.50

  • Corona 5½" x 44 – SRP per cigar $6.00

Steel Horse: CAO Cigar's Sequel to the Flathead

CAO is answering the call of bikers everywhere with a duo of new frontmarks created under the banner of Steel Horse.

A spin-off of its wildly-popular Flathead line, Steel Horse delivers a unique taste created with the motorcycle enthusiast in mind.

Rick Rodriguez said, “We came out with Flathead in 2013 because the people I met at CAO events were always talking about cars when they weren’t talking about cigars. Turns out the bikers felt left out. Believe me, I’ve heard all about it. So we decided to come up with a cigar that would appeal to the guys and gals that are into motorcycles.”

Steel Horse is a complex new blend, made with the signature flat head cap.

Wrapped in a proprietary Connecticut Habano Grueso leaf and featuring tobacco from four-countries, these medium-to-full bodied smokes are the perfect companion for a slow ride or the perfect excuse to make a pit stop. The four-country blend is made with Brazilian Arapiraca as the binder. Honduran, Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos comprise the filler.

Easy-smoking flavors of leather and spice are prevalent, and the cigars are individually packaged to fit in a rider’s saddle bag.

The Steel Horse frontmarks are housed in 20-count boxes and will hit retail in August.

  • Bullneck 6.½" x 66 – SRP per cigar $9.99

  • Apehanger 5½" x 58 -- SRP per cigar $8.99

Margaritaville by CAO

General Cigar is proud to announce the debut of “Margaritaville,” a duo of new brands debuting under the CAO portfolio.

Alan Willner, vice president of marketing for General Cigar said, “Margaritaville is a blockbuster brand, one that aligns perfectly with the cool, laid back vibe of CAO. This strategic addition to our portfolio is a natural fit for CAO and paves the way for more exciting collaborations in the future.”

Margaritaville Cigars

The allure of palm trees, cocktails and lazy days spent relaxing on the beach are just a light away with CAO’s new Margaritaville line.

A cool new addition to the Flavours collection, Margaritaville is a piña colada-flavored cigar available in a Petit Corona and Corona size. Featuring a Cameroon-wrapped blend of Dominican tobacco, an escape to an island paradise is just a light away.

Margaritaville cigars will hit retail in October. The Corona size will be packed in 20-count boxes, while a box of Petit Coronas will contain 25 cigars.

  • Margaritaville Corona 5¼" x 42 – SPR per cigar $6.99

  • Margaritaville Petit Corona 4" x 40 – SPR per cigar $5.49

Havana Daydreamin’

CAO is keeping the carefree spirit of summer alive all year long with Havana Daydreamin,’ a new premium smoke that’s also making its debut as part of the brand’s Margaritaville series.

Havana Daydreamin’ offers a smooth and flavorful escape from the everyday, with a blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos topped with a silky, golden-hued Ecuadoran Connecticut wrapper. A mild-to-medium-bodied offering, Havana Daydreamin’ delivers notes of toasted spice and is the ideal complement to any tropical daydream.

Havana Daydreamin’ will debut at retail in October, with three cigars. Each will be packaged in boxes containing 20 cigars.

  • Havana Daydreamin’ Torpedo 6¼" x 52 – SRP per cigar $7.99

  • Havana Daydreamin’ Toro 6½" x 50 – SRP per cigar $7.49

  • Havana Daydreamin’ Robusto 5" x 50 – SRP per cigar $6.99

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