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Limited Edition Macanudo Estate Reserve Coming in October

To experience Macanudo Estate Reserve is to savor a tradition that spans nearly half a century, for this exceptional cigar hearkens back to the very roots of the brand.

For the 2015 release of Macanudo Estate Reserve, the artisans of Macanudo blended a 10-year old Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper from the sun-drenched, highest priming, with proprietary Jamaican tobacco cultivated on small, independent farms and aged exclusively for this year’s small batch offering. The dark, well-oiled wrapper adds a new dimension of complexity to the flavor that ignited the passion for one of the world’s most beloved cigars.

Jhonys Diaz, master blender and vice president of operations said, “We selected a broadleaf wrapper for this year’s release to deepen the flavor profile of the cigar. The wrapper delivers bold notes of leather and earth, while complementing the unique attributes of the Jamaican filler. This is a rich and complex smoke, one that will appeal to the true cigar lover.”

The Jamaican tobacco tells a story all its own. One of the filler varietals used in Macanudo Estate Reserve is called Silver Tongue, a native seed favored by locals. It is an extremely low-yield tobacco and is the most expensive long-filler leaf in the world. The filler is also comprised of Dominican tobacco and proprietary Nicaraguan gurdian tobacco, bound with a Mexican binder leaf.

Due to the scarcity of Silver Tongue, this exquisite cigar will only be available until the limited release of 1,800 boxes per size is depleted.

Macanudo Estate Reserve 2015 will be available in three frontmarks, each protected in 10-count boxes and shipping in October:

  • No. 7 -- 7" x 50; SRP per cigar is $17.00

  • No. 8 -- 6" x 57; SRP per cigar is $18.00

  • No. 9 -- 5" x 50; SRP per cigar is $16.00

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