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Random questions frequently asked by novice smokers and aspiring cigar connoisseurs

How do I properly re-light my cigar if it goes out?

We have all experienced the light from our cigars going out - it frequently occurs from slow smoking or inattention or distraction from regular puffing, especially while engaging in conversation during herfs with other cigar smokers. Sometimes a cigar that is overhumidified will go out much sooner than expected.

I've heard many complain that the cigar just does not taste the same once re-lit - taking on a rather unpleasant bitterness. This generally occurs when the char (or the partially scorched portion of the ash) and the ash itself is not removed prior to re-lighting.

Before attempting to re-light a cigar that has gone out, it's best to remove the char and the ash as much as possible. Ash will not re-light properly, as you can't burn something that is already completely burned (like trying to re-light wood embers that have already been burned and extinguished). Gentle tapping of the foot of the cigar on the ashtray or gentle brushing off of the char and ash along the edge of the ashtray should suffice. You may also consider using a guillotine cutter to carefully clip the foot just beyond the burn line. Re-lighting will definitely require more flame than required upon initial light of the cigar. After a few draws, the cigar should return to flavor you enjoyed prior to it going out.

Employing a bit of patience to properly re-light your cigar will certainly result in continued cigar pleasure.

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