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Smokeasy Q&A

Random questions frequently asked by novice smokers and aspiring cigar connoisseurs

Should I keep my cigars inside of their tubes?

There is no question that cigars that come in aluminum or glass tubes are great for travel. The tubes allow you to put your cigars in your pocket, bag, briefcase, or luggage with the benefit of protection from damage. In addition, you know that the cigars will remain fresh until the seal is broken and the tube is opened.

However, for long-term storage, I wouldn't recommend keeping your cigars in their tubes - sealed, that is. Your humidor (your properly maintained humidor) is the ideal environment for keeping the cigars fresh and for aging. Not only do your cigars require optimal humidity and temperature, but they require ample air circulation as well. Although some tubed cigars will remain fresh for years if they remain sealed, it's probably best to remove the cigars from their tubes before placing them in your humidor.

HOWEVER, why get rid of the tubes when they can be put to good use? I would actually recommend removing the cap or stopper from the tube, store them somewhere accessible, then place the tube with the cigar still within the tube in your humidor, so that they benefit from some humidity and air circulation. So now, when you're ready to travel, just put the cap back on or the stopper back in and you're ready to go. But caution -- many tubes are lined with Spanish cedar, so if you remove the cigars from the tube, don't attempt to put back into the tube or you may risk damage to the cigar.

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