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To Steve Harvey, Cigar = Yoga

I came across this video on Steve Harvey's blog about 3 weeks ago. Although I just posted the link on the Smokeasy Facebook page a few days ago, I'm posting it here for ensure its accessibility!

In this short video, Mr. Harvey says, "A lot of people say 'Steve, you know you shouldn't be smoking cigars! Don't you know what smoking does to your body?!' But before you tell me why I shouldn't smoke em, let me tell you why I do."

To me - THIS.VIDEO.IS.EVERYTHING!!! It captured EXACTLY why I smoke cigars, and why I've been doing so for the past 20+ years - it's that type of "Zen" that cigars provides me as to why I'm so passionate about cigar life, why I created Smokeasy®, and why I founded Humidor Season.

CLICK the image below to access the video...

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