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Ezra Zion Releases Non-Production Cigars From Factory Blending Sessions

Ezra Zion Cigars announces a pretty cool new project: Blending Sessions.

Ezra Zion has "opened the door to the humidor vault" and has released the extra cigars from their factory blending trips and factory bundles from what has become Ezra Zion releases, such as Blessed Leaf 1611, FHK, and Fried Chicken. As a result, no two orders will be alike - the cigars made available for the Blending Sessions will continue to evolve as the company continues to work on and complete new projects.

There are a few disclaimers from Ezra Zion to note about Blending Sessions:

  • These cigars are NOT regular production cigars. They haven't been in a cigar press as long and are literally rolled on the fly to taste the tobacco combinations and flavors. There may be some inconsistencies from an aesthetic perspective, as some may have a rough cap or foot, and some may have a wavy burn or an open draw.

  • The cigars will be of all shapes and sizes, and may either have a Corojo, San Andres Maduro, Habano, Connecticut, or other type of wrapper. Again, no two orders will be the same. The fun is smoking something that may never be available again; therefore, it's the ultimate mystery sampler.

  • It's possible to get something recognizable. Before these were Ezra Zion cigar releases, they were actual blends. Blending Sessions contain samples from just about every cigar ever released to the public.

Ezra Zion Blending Sessions are available in 5-, 10-, and 20-packs, and are available exclusively through the online Ezra Zion store.

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