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The New Face of Skilled Cigar Rollers

It's been 4 years since the launch of Cigar Dolls®, but the press release below demonstrates their growth and expansion...

Vegas Cigar Roller Beauties "Light Up" The Strip In A Whole New Way

Sept. 23, 2015 (Las Vegas, NV) via PRNewswire -- The Cigar Dolls® are female cigar rollers yes, women that roll cigars, made famous since their launch four years ago in the underground world of cigar events in Las Vegas and Hollywood.

The Dolls, known by a select group of event planners and celebrity guests as "Cigar Rolling Femininas" - are the freshest "must have" for events from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. As if their unique talent is not enough to make you take a second glance, they are quite pleasant to look at as these stunning cigar artisans take tobacco leaves and create smoke-able works of art for their upscale guests. Stella and Carmen are two of these celebrity Vegas cigar rollers. Their cigar rolling counterparts roll for events in New York, San Francisco, Edmonton Canada, Miami, Palm Beach, Dallas, Houston and their newest, Savannah.

Stella is from Paris and has been signed with the Dolls for over two years. "Most guests have never experienced an authentic cigar roller creating the cigars before their eyes…" says Stella, the French cigar roller and one of the Vegas Cigar Dolls®, she continues in her Parisian accent, "…the unique part is that we are women that are popular in a cigar culture dominated by men." Coincidently, Stella has been showing her European slant to her cigar rolling performance with multiple events at the Vegas Paris hotel.

The Palms, Hard Rock, Rhumbar, MGM, Paris, Mandalay Bay, corporate events at the Vegas Convention Center and the always cigar friendly Blue Martini are some of the regular locations and virtually all of the Vegas hot spots have had guests book the Cigar Dolls® for cigar features at their events. This latest spin for events is now a regular feature at L.A. events, bringing the experience to cigar lovers of the entertainment industry from producers to the on-screen talent throughout Hollywood. The success of their merchandising on Amazon now has the Cigar Dolls® brand of cigars set to launch in 2016.

Stella's story began in Bahia, Brazil after she moved from her home town of Salvador. Stella's uncle had a tobacco factory in the small town of Sao Goncalo dos Campos. This town is straight in the heart of the tobacco fields where the best Mata Fina in Brazil is grown (one of the premium quality tobacco wrapper). She started her cigar education here not knowing that 20 years later she would be performing the same skills for guests at big events, which she exclaims is "pretty cool."

Multiple ethnic cultures are represented as the Cigar Dolls® embrace an interesting heritage of cultures where tobacco is part of the history, these beautiful cigar rollers are from diverse ethnicities including Mexican, Cuban, French, Dominican and the newest, French Canadian with each having their own interesting story. These different cultures speak to the great advantage that legal immigration can bring as all of them have interesting stories of their path to the U.S. and they are enthusiastic to give an experience unique to American events. The Cigar Dolls® NY Times feature article started the attention for the cigar rollers since their launch. The story of Ana, the cigar roller in the Northeast, impressed the NY Times to the point that they wrote a feature about her Cuban father and her interest in learning the craft from her Dad. These cigar rolling events also have the Cigar Dolls® dispatched to International locations including New Delhi, Maldives, Resorts in Puerto Rico and upcoming Mauritius. "I am hoping I can go to Mauritius, French is my primary language so I would be the cigar roller assigned to that event, I am hoping to go – all the other Dolls have been to exotic locations, Mauritius would be my first one for me."

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