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Stinky Cigar™ Wins Much-Deserved 2015 Cigar Trophy Award

Stinky Cigar™ Ashtrays Wins “Best Designed Ashtray Ever” at 2015 Cigar Trophy Awards

Exclusively Distributed by Quality Importers, Stinky Achieves First Place in the “Outstanding Art” Category

September 29, 2015 (Weston, FL) -- Quality Importers Trading Company, a leading source for product and service procurement, is excited to announce a first place award in the “Outstanding Art” category at the 2015 Cigar Trophy Awards for their exclusively distributed brand, Stinky Cigar™ Ashtrays. The award honors the product as being the “best designed ashtray ever.”

The Cigar Trophy Awards are presented annually by Cigar Journal, a leading industrypublication dedicated to the enjoyment of smoking and designed specifically for cigar lovers. Many of the awards are distributed based on consumer votes, while higher accolades for categories like “Outstanding Art” are determined by an expert panel of judges.

Quality Importers acquired the exclusive worldwide distribution rights of Stinky Ashtrays in 2011. Developed in 2004, Stinky got its name from its founder who is known as “Stinky” in the industry. The ashtrays are best known for their deep, stainless steel bowl designs that are intended to provide extra room for the disposal of multiple cigars. The stirrups around the bowl are sized and shaped to accommodate any type of cigar, making these ashtrays an ideal accessory for any aficionado.

“The success Stinky has seen over the years has been possible thanks to Quality Importers,” said “Stinky.” “They’ve helped increase our exposure in the cigar world and provided us with the necessary tools to create new, innovative designs that our customers continue to enjoy.”

This year marked the 15th gathering of the Cigar Trophy Awards. The ceremony was held in Dortmund, Germany on September 18, 2015 as part of InterTabac, the International Trade Fair for Tobacco Products and Smoking Accessories. The award was accepted by Stinky’s founder.

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