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The Cigar Dolls Announce the Launch of Their Own Dominican and Cuban Blends

Los Angeles Cigar Rolling Women bring unusual talent and the world's first female sponsored premium cigar brand

November. 5, 2015 (Los Angeles, CA via PRNewswire) -- Female cigar rollers yes, cigar rolling women that through their cigar roller performances have been giving a unique thrill for guests in Los Angeles to Las Vegas. These ladies are also known as the Cigar Dolls® and have been a phenomenon for A List guests since the NY Times placed this national female team into the spotlight a few years ago. Many if not all of them, have interesting backgrounds with most of these authentic professionals coming from Latin backgrounds such as the Dominican Republic, Mexico, South America among them with an interesting story.

Isabella and her cigar rolling colleagues are getting ready to introduce two versions of their own premium brand of cigars, the Dominican version is set to launch in select retail cigar stores in 2016 targeting Los Angeles, Las Vegas and NYC and Miami, FL which will include these beautiful cigar rollers showcasing their talents with live on site cigar rolling demonstrations. While the U.S. brand is launching the Dominican brand, their second version is the Cuban cigar blend for Canada (yes, Cuban cigars are legal in Canada) and will be introduced to the Canadian Cigar Dolls® which is domiciled in British Columbia. Both versions of the brands will be manufactured in Santiago, Dominican Republic.

To promote the sales of both brand versions, cigar retailers will also have the option to have a Cigar Doll actually roll the same product on site that participating retail tobacconists will display on their shelves. All trademarks and copyrights are in place and the U.S will sell their currently unnamed unique Dominican cigar blend while the Canadian version will sell the Cuban cigar blend all supported by the female cigar rollers that will boost the brand to share the shelves with brands like Macanudo in the U.S. and the famous Cuban Cohiba found in Canadian stores. The cigars will be sold through selected retailers who will also have the exclusive permission to have one or more of these female Cigar rollers provide a cigar rolling demonstration right inside participating retailer's stores that carry the brand.

Back to Isabella, as a young girl whose mother made it to America, Isabella is a fascinating person to meet. She tells her tale to cigar lovers from Las Vegas to Los Angeles who have been fortunate enough to experience her cigar rolling performances since the Cigar Dolls® found her. She is quite unique as a female in a cigar culture dominated by men and directly competing with the national industry leader CF Dominicana Cigars and their service of traditional, male cigar rollers called Cigar Catering®. She also has appeared in the Latin and South American modeling field with features in Maxim South Africa, FHM Philippines, FHM South Africa, FHM Espana, Esquire Malaysia, Esquire Latino America. She also boasts working for TRUMP at the Trump National Golf Club in Rancho Palos Verdes. She loved when Mr. Trump would show up, he always spent some time saying hello and "he would always tip big, very generous and fun, I like him."

Isabella's story began in Mexico with her mother - seeking to escape from the inevitable - makes her way into the U.S. in the hopes to bring her children to America. Most do not know that Mexico contains a cigar manufacturing hub of expert cigar crafters often overlooked by the dominating Dominican and Cuban competitors. After getting into the country illegally, her mom quickly went through the legal process and became a legal, naturalized U.S. citizen which ultimately brought Isabella to guests today.

Isabella and the Cigar Dolls® are more than just visual entertainment; she now proudly performs cigar rolling events in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. The interest turns into conversation and quickly, guests are captivated by her story, her skill, her personality and of course, her cigars.

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