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Memorable Smokes - November 2015

Smokeasy's top 4 memorable smokes for the month of November

Pictured clockwise: El Güegüense, Avo Syncro Nicaragua, Laranja Reserva, Padrón Dámaso. All images are courtesy of the respective cigar manufacturers.

El Güegüense (Foundation Cigar Company)

This cigar is the first brand released from the newest venture by master blender Nicholas Melillo (aka Nick R Agua), former vice president and director of tobacco and production at Drew Estate Cigar Company. The indigenous word translated as “The Wise Man”, El Güegüense is based on a Nicaraguan folklore masterpiece, and is a tribute to the land, the people, and the culture of Nicaragua, Melillo's second home.

Country of origin: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Nicaragua Corojo '99 (Jalapa)

Binder: Nicaragua Corojo '99 (Jalapa)

Filler: Nicaragua Corojo '99/Criollo '98 (Jalapa & Esteli)

Vitolas (5): Churchill (7" x 48); Torpedo (6¼" x 52); Toro Huaco (6" x 56); Robusto (5½" x 50); Corona Gorda (5 5/8" x 46)

Extra full-bodied | Full strength


Avo Syncro Nicaragua (Avo Cigars/Davidoff of Geneva)

This Avo is not only the first box-pressed cigar manufactured by the Davidoff of Geneva factory in the Dominican Republic, it is the first Avo blended with Nicaraguan tobacco.

Country of origin: Dominican Republic

Wrapper: Ecuadoran Connecticut

Binder: Dominican Republic

Filler: Nicaragua (Ometepe)/Dominican Republic/Peru

Vitolas (4): Toro (6" x 54); Special Toro (6" x 60); Robusto (5" x 50); Short Robusto (4" x 52)

Medium-bodied | Medium strength


Padrón Dámaso (Padrón Cigars)

This blend is a far departure from what we've all known and expected from Padrón - a milder cigar shaped round as opposed to the typical pressed square. The brand is named after Dámaso Padrón, (the grandfather of patriarch José Padrón) who immigrated from the Canary Islands to Cuba in the late 1800s, where he began the tradition of growing cigar tobacco.

Country of origin: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Connecticut

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Vitolas (4): No. 17 (7" x 54); No. 15 (6" x 6520); No. 8 (5½" x 46); No. 12 (5" x 50)

Full-bodied | Mild strength


Laranja Reserva (Espinosa Premium Cigars)

Affectionately called "the vitamin C of cigars", the Laranja (Portuguese for "orange") is the first blend from Espinosa using an orange Brazilian wrapper which provides its unique flavor and aroma.

Country of origin: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Brazilian Laranja

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Vitolas (4): Toro (6" x 52); Robusto Extra (5½" x 54); Corona Gorda (5 5/8" x 46); Caixa (box-pressed 6½" x 48)

Medium- to Full-bodied | Medium strength

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