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Smokeasy to Host a FREE Virtual Mini-Course on Humidor Challenges

On Thursday, January 7, 2016 at 8:00 PM EST, Smokeasy, The Cigar Coach, will be hosting a FREE 30-minute virtual mini-course, entitled:

"Humidor Troubleshooting Tips: Handling Common Humidor Challenges"

This FREE mini-course will cover basic humidor anatomy, humidor "do's & don'ts", and common humidor challenges. The course will be broadcasted privately via Periscope TV. It will be an introduction to a series of future virtual educational sessions kicking off in early 2016, which will include topics such as humidor care, hygrometer calibration, and problems with cigar overhumidification.

For more information on the virtual mini-course, click HERE.

Over the years, Smokeasy has coached other cigar aficionados, and provided valued information to tobacco retailers, on the proper storage for their prized cigars. It became apparent that many either lack the knowledge, or lack the desired effort, required to maintain their humidors; thus resulting in dried-out or over-humidified smokes of significantly decreased quality. In 2014, Smokeasy created and launched Humidor Season to assist fellow enthusiasts with the preparation, conditioning, and maintenance of their humidors to keep their cigars within the optimal environment for long-term storage and aging.

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