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Solloshi Presents Their Luxurious Portfolio of Fine Titanium Cigar Accessories

Solloshi Unveils Limited Series of Luxury Cigar Accessories

December 8, 2015 (London, UK via PRNewswire) -- Leather, wood and steel have all been used traditionally to create cigar pods. But what if the modern vagabond cigar afficionados want something different, something modern but similarly luxurious? Solloshi revisits and reinterprets everyday objects, transforming them into true masterpieces through meticulous designing and with the application of cutting-edge manufacturing technologies.

Similarly to the perfection of some of the world's best cigars, each Solloshi product is a work of art that stands as the embodiment of uncompromising quality and timeless design. With their latest limited series, they aim at setting a new norm for cigar accessories.

The limited collection

88 Series Humidor

Solloshi's most exclusive and prestigious humidor is composed of more than 40 pieces of CNC machined titanium components. This elegant minimalist combination of titanium and tempered glass parts can hold up to 30 cigars at one time. The 88 Series is equipped with a humidifier that can be refilled without opening the lid of the humidor, and humidity sensor to ensure the level of humidity is always set accurately.

Hyperion Travel Case

The Hyperion was designed for the true cigar aficionados who travel with multiple cigars not just a single one. The titanium masterpiece keeps your finest cigars in pristine condition no matter how rough your journey is. The integrated humidifier ensures optimal humidity during your trips so you can enjoy your delicacies in their prime whenever you are. It carries 4 of your largest cigars with up to 8,66"(220mm) length or even up to 7 pieces with 0,63"(16mm) max.diameter.

888 Series

The 888 Series is undoubtedly the ultimate VIP treatment for your favourite cigar, no matter how large it is. Even a 8,26" (210mm) cigar with ring 55 size (22mm) can enjoy the most optimal environment a fine cigar may get. The humidifier can be filled without opening the pod - making this process easier and safer than ever before.

About Solloshi

Solloshi is dedicated to the art of titanium - the metal of choice of aerospace engineers, Formula 1 drivers and Supermoto riders - those fine gentlemen who live on the bleeding edge. It is their mission to build the finest titanium accessories in the world and pour their passion into these luxurious objects. They believe that an exotic cigar deserves no less than the best accessory which preserves its subtle aromas and compliments the quality standard of a Cohiba Behike.

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