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Smokeasy Q&A

Random questions frequently asked by novice smokers and aspiring cigar connoisseurs

How do I travel with my cigars?

Simple...a travel humidor will do!

A travel humidor is just a miniature humidor with a humdification element, equipped with the same functionality as your desktop humidor, except its intended for short-term storage. Depending on size, most travel humidors will hold between 4 and as many as 50 cigars, and may be constructed from wood, plastic, metal, or any combination of these. Some may be lined with Spanish cedar; however, not required since the humidor is primarily for short-term storage.

When selecting a travel humidor, there are a few elements or features you should consider:

  1. Durability - For a travel humidor, durability trumps cosmetics, so you will have to forego any elegance. You want to ensure that the humidor will be able to withstand any external stress - either directly or indirectly if packed in luggage that may be checked when flying.

  2. Solid seal - As with your desktop humidor, your travel humidor must have a great seal, so you definitely need to ensure that the unit has either rubber gasket-like upper and lower lips, or interlocking lips. You want a unit that's airtight and watertight, but also maintain the humidity for good cigar preservation.

  3. Security - To withstand travel, your humidor must keep the cigars secure and not be able to open easily. A solid locking clasp or latch is a must. A molded loop hole for a small padlock is a bonus for that other type of security!

  4. Interior protection - A good travel humidor will minimize the potential for damage by keeping the cigars from being jostled around. Some have straps, some have felt-lined grooves molded in the shape of cigars, and some have foam cushion linings similar to egg crates.

A humidification device is not a necessity - again, your travel humidor is for short-term storage only. Many may include a foam or crystal gel device, and may even include a couple of plastic droppers for distilled water or propylene glycol (PG) solution storage. Some travel humidors may include a slots for your cutter and/or lighter as well. But all things considered, your primary concern should be assurance that your cigars arrive to your travel destination in the same condition as they were when you packed them.


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