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The La Aurora Cigar Institute Opens Its Doors

On January 26th, La Aurora proudly announced the grand opening of their Cigar Institute in its original cigar factory in the Dominican Republic. The primary objective of the Cigar Institute is to train and teach the cigar world through major players in the history of tobacco who will communicate and disseminate its culture. Along with Guillermo León himself, Benji Menéndez (Cuban cigarmaker with over 60 years of experience) and Ángel Daniel Núñez (an agricultural engineer with experience in genetic seed production) will serve as Associate Teachers.

La Aurora Cigar Institute is endorsed by the Dominican Tobacco Institute, which certifies the quality of its courses. These courses and syllabi have been carefully designed at different levels and duration according to students’ needs. The Cigar Institute boasts that their model is based on the application of theoretical and practical content of the relevant modules for participants, once they complete the two parts of the course, understand and expand the agricultural practices of tobacco in the Dominican Republic, and master and enjoy the exciting world of tobacco in all its forms.

For more information on the curriculum and course packages, check the Cigar Insitute's website at


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