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262 Cigars Announces Their New "Internship Program" - and It's Not What You Think!

Via social media yesterday, February 9, 262 Cigars announced their new cigar release program where WE get the opportunity to help the company choose their 2017 blend.

Through their new "262 Internship Program", 262 Cigars is giving the consumer a voice as part of their process of bringing a cigar to market. The company has narrowed down their 2017 release to 4 blends and are giving cigar enthusiasts the opportunity to weigh in on which one will win.

The Internship Program is comprised of 4 blends released in 5-packs throughout 2016:

  1. The Search

  2. The Resume

  3. The Interview

  4. The Offer

The Search is the first blend to be released and will be available in 3 vitolas: corona, robusto, and toro.

Once each blend is released, they may be purchased online at Take notes while smoking the blend and rate them online, and once all of the tallies are in at the end of 2016, they'll unveil the winner as “The Intern", which will become the 2017 full production line available at all 262 retailers.

In early 2017, the company will start leaking information on the name of the Intern’s new full production line. In addition, 262 Cigars disclose some of their behind-the-scenes operations at their headquarters, including decision on cigar names, designs, box styles, and more.

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