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New Limited Edition Davidoffs Exclusive for Key Retailers Coming in March

Davidoff Cigars is expanding the company’s successful Exclusives programme with new unique, tailor-made 2016 Editions for key Davidoff retail partners

February 2016 (Basel, Switzerland) - To celebrate the successful relationships between Oettinger Davidoff AG and its indispensable business partners around the world, Davidoff Cigars has created Premium Exclusive Editions designed for its Davidoff Flagship Stores, Appointed Merchants and top Travel Retail Accounts. The Davidoff Exclusive cigars that comprise these various Editions are as unique and distinctive as a country, a city or a skyline. Blended to match the palates of those who will have the opportunity to enjoy them, they will be available in limited quantities only.

“With these bespoke Exclusive Editions, we are taking service and experience to a higher and more personal level. We have had huge global success with our Exclusive Editions in the past two years. These have been delighting and surprising aficionados and key retail partners worldwide through exceptionally crafted and custom-made cigars,” says Charles Awad, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Innovation at Oettinger Davidoff AG.

The following Davidoff Exclusives are coming in 2016:

  • Davidoff Exclusive Macau (available only in Davidoff’s Flagship Store in Macau)

  • Davidoff Exclusive Kuala Lumpur (available only in Davidoff’s Flagship Store in Kuala Lumpur)

  • Davidoff Exclusive Basel (available only in Davidoff’s Flagship Store in Basel)

  • Davidoff Exclusive Germany (available only in Germany)

  • Davidoff Exclusive Up in Smoke (available only at Up in Smoke in the US)

  • Davidoff Exclusive Smoke Inn (available at Smoke Inn in the US)

  • Davidoff Exclusive Regency Cigar Emporium (available only at Regency Cigar Emporium in the US)

  • Davidoff Exclusive Havana Phil’s (available only at Havana Phil’s in the US)

  • Davidoff Exclusive JR cigars (available only at JR cigars in the US)

  • Davidoff Exclusive Cigars Internationals (available only at Cigars Internationals in the US)

  • Davidoff Exclusive Davidus (available only at Davidus in the US)

  • Davidoff Exclusive Fusion Cigar Lounge (available only at Fusion Cigar Lounge in the US)

  • Davidoff Exclusive Corona Cigar Co. (available only at Corona Cigar Co. in the US)

  • Davidoff Exclusive Blend Bar Indy 500 (available only at Blend Bar in the US)

About Davidoff Exclusive Flagship Store Editions

An elegant, bespoke Exclusive Edition is now available for customers of Davidoff Flagship Stores and key retail partners. Store managers can choose their own blend according to their local customers’ taste preferences as well as a customised second ring. Each cigar box will feature a store identifier along with the skyline of the city that is home to the Flagship Store or a design relevant to the retailer. These editions will be very limited and an exciting proposition for cigar collectors.

Launch and availability The Davidoff Exclusive Edition 2016 boxes will be available in limited quantities at Appointed Merchants in the US and select Davidoff Flagship Stores/Depositaires worldwide from March 2016.

Media Contact: Oettinger Davidoff AG Corporate Communications Hochbergerstrasse 15 CH – 4002 Basel Tel. +41 61 279 36 24

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