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PAYNE-MASON Recreates Churchill's Favorite Habano Blends

It's one thing to recreate the blend and flavor profile of one of Winston Churchill's favorite cigars, but to also include actual tobacco from one of his previously smoked cigars retrived from an auction??? Interesting indeed...

PAYNE-MASON's Exclusive WC53 Cigar Allows Aficionados to Experience a Literal Piece of World History

Premier Manufacturer Re-Creates Classic Cuban Cigars Based on Style and Blends Favored by Sir Winston Churchill, Some with Actual Elements from One He Smoked in 1953

February 11, 2016 (San Diego, CA via PRNewswire) -- In December 1953, Sir Winston Churchill, during his second stint as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, met with U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower and French Premier Joseph Laniel in Bermuda to discuss the future of their countries' relationships with post WWII Russia, atomic energy and Egypt. It was arguably the most powerful gathering of world leaders since the Pottsdam Conference in 1945, when the U.S., UK and USSR heads of state met to decide how to punish Nazi war criminals.

Historians tell us that Churchill's goals of negotiation and détente with the Soviets were not achieved then - but a still-smoking cigar he left behind at the summit is making some exciting history of its own thanks to premiere cigar manufacturer PAYNE-MASON.

A high end cigar manufacturer whose 100% hand rolled products are exclusively available at prestigious destination resort properties (casinos, wineries, golf courses, vacation resorts), PAYNE-MASON has taken the partially smoked cigar - purchased from an auction held at Sotheby's Auction House - and used it to create an iconic new product: the WC53, named for Churchill and the year of its origin (the year of the conference in 1953).

Presented with a section of this original historic cigar, the Cuban Master Rollers of PAYNE-MASON carefully researched and recreated the original construction and flavor characteristics of the original blends of one of Sir Winston's favorite cigars from the long since defunct Cuban boutique cigar company La Aroma De Cuba. These original characteristics of the original are combined with equally unique tobaccos not found in today's commercial cigar market.

To the delight of cigar aficionados and collectors of historical artifacts alike, a limited number of these resurrected classics will include an actual portion of tobacco from the original cigar, exclusively provided to PAYNE-MASON to create the limited, numbered WC53 DNA line.

To complete the package, a new stunningly beautiful cigar band was commissioned just for this project that evokes the tropical atmosphere, the importance of this summit between three of the world's most powerful leaders and Churchill's love of cigars.

Bob Payne, owner of PAYNE-MASON, says, "Adding a small amount of tobacco leaf from a cigar actually enjoyed by Churchill himself means this is more than a fine, premium makes it an actual piece of history. It's an extremely iconic, unique offering that perfectly reflects our capacity as a manufacturer and beautifully augments who we are and what we do."

Payne Mason's multi-faceted WC53 product line begins with the WC53 "DNA" Cigar in a Tomb Box. This limited edition and numbered WC53 Commemorative Gift Set includes one WC53 "DNA" Cigar, featuring Sir Winston's original cigar tobacco, presented in a handcrafted hardwood glass top display box, with a plaque explaining the provenance. It retails for $599.

The second item is the WC53 Smoker, which features a unique blend with the authentic flavor characteristics of Cuban cigars of the 1950s. 100% hand rolled by Payne Mason's own Cuban Master Rollers, this cigar provides an opportunity to experience the national heritage of Cuba. A single retails for $24; 5-packs are $99.

The WC53 10 Count, retailing for $399, contains 10 of the WC53 Smoker cigars, crafted from the same blends and premium tobaccos as the WC53 DNA, but without the original donor tobacco. They come in a finished hardwood case with the "Bermuda 1953" logo inscribed.

The WC53 Combo is a deluxe two-item set containing both the solid mahogany, glass topped tomb box containing one iconic WC53 DNA cigar and a hardwood gift set containing 10 of the WC53 Smoker cigars. This retails for $997.

"In addition to allowing people to experience world history in a unique way, we're also excited that we've drawn inspiration from this unexpected gift to create new products similar to those classic Cuban cigars of the 50s, which are so much different than anything being manufactured today."

The WC53 line of cigars and beautifully handmade gift and presentation sets will be available exclusively through PAYNE-MASON's website at The product release is scheduled for February 12, 2016. Current and updated information will be posted to this page.

For more information, please contact Bob Payne at 760-744 9007 or email at

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