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Davidoff Cigars Celebrates 45 Years With Commemorative Pipe & Pipe Tobacco Blend

Very rare that Smokeasy posts anything pipe-related, buthad to share this new with our brothers and sisters of briar...check out the press release from Davidoff - limited edition pipe tobacco blend and a beatiful pipe coming in March!

Davidoff Cigars celebrates 45 years in Pipe tobacco with an exclusive Limited Edition Pipe Tobacco and handcrafted Pipe

February 2016 (Basel, Switzerland) - To celebrate its 45 years in the pipe tobacco business, Davidoff has revealed a new Exclusive Limited Edition Pipe Tobacco blend and Pipe.

This new Davidoff Pipe Tobacco blend “45 years” follows on the heels of the acclaimed Davidoff Sweet Mixture Line. It offers pipe aficionados across the globe an exciting new taste experience thanks to a variety of the finest tobaccos from Brazil, Cyprus, Turkey and Malawi.

“This new Pipe Tobacco “Limited Edition 45 years” will delight pipe aficionados seeking to discover new taste experiences. Continuing on our mission to open the aficionado’s world by delivering exciting and surprising blend stimulations, our master blender has crafted a rich and exotic, spicy and fruity blend to fill the aficionado’s time beautifully,” states Charles Awad, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing & Innovation at Oettinger Davidoff AG.

TOBACCO PROFILE The new Davidoff Pipe Tobacco “Limited Edition 45 years” allows the pipe aficionado to enjoy the tobacco’s balanced and fruity flavours for its entire length. When lighting it up, cherry notes are paired with spices, plum, vanilla and honey aromas. The medium brown and light Virgina tobaccos in a grainy square cut with hints of Latakia stay in the background so that one is left with a delightful and memorable character during the last few puffs. The most important thing to remember is that the enjoyment is to be found in the journey – not necessarily the destination.

THE BLEND Black Cavendish (Brazil), Latakia (Cyprus), Zaire RR, Oriental (Turkey), Burley (Malawi) flavoured with Cherry/Vanilla and Rum.

ABOUT DIFFERENT TYPES OF PIPE TOBACCOS BURLEY – One of the most popular pipe tobaccos. Contains almost no sugar and is therefore a much drier, fuller smoke. It burns coolly and slowly. It is ‘air cured’ – carried out in large open barns with a natural air flow. The colour changes gradually during the process, which can take up to two months.

CAVENDISH – rather a process, and not an actual type of tobacco. It was invented way back in the 1600s by Dutch traders. In its simplest form, it is taking any tobacco, compressing and heating it. The longer the period and the higher the temperature, the darker the tobacco turns. Cavendish can also be used to describe a specific cut of tobacco – large pieces of a short length.

LATAKIA – Latakia leaves come from being cured over fire burning aromatic herbs and wood. It is mainly grown in Cyprus and is hung in barns when harvested, with small fires of oak and pine soon filling them with smoke. The wood smoke produces a very rich, smoky taste.

ORIENTAL – a variety of tobaccos grown across Russia, Turkey and the Balkans. These are characterised as dry and powdery.

LAUNCH AND AVAILABILITY The Davidoff Tobacco Edition 45 years is limited to 6‘000 tins globally (each tin is numbered). It will be available to pipe aficionados at selected Appointed Merchants and Depositaires/Davidoff Flagship Stores worldwide starting in March 2016.

THE DAVIDOFF LIMITED EDITION 45 YEARS PIPE For this special handcrafted pipe, Davidoff has chosen the exclusive briar wood from Calabria – the burlwood of the White Heath Tree, typically found around the Mediterranean Sea. The briar used for the Davidoff Limited Edition 45 years Pipes is dried for 10 years. With age, the briar root becomes tight and dense enough to resist both the heat of lighted tobacco and the juices produced during the smoke. The best briars have beautifully evocative grains – flowing rings of colour, brought to life by the carver and are richly hand polished to high gloss. More than 90 steps are needed to create one pipe. Each of these most luxurious Davidoff pipes is numbered and has been adorned with a silver ring (92.5% of pure silver) that beautifully emphasizes the contrast between the black mouthpiece and the wood grain. The pipe comes in an elegant black case with an incredibly smooth nappa leather pouch inside. The Davidoff Limited Edition 45 years Pipe is the perfect gift to offer or to enjoy personally.

“This new Davidoff Pipe is an ode to Davidoff’s tradition and craftsmanship. Celebrating 45 years in pipe tobacco is a key milestone for the company. As such we crafted an exceptional pipe to mark this occasion and delight pipe aficionados,” states Annette Berthod, Marketing Director of Global Marketing & Innovation at Oettinger Davidoff AG.

LAUNCH AND AVAILABILITY The Davidoff Pipe’s Edition 45 years is limited to 45 pieces. It will be available to pipe aficionados at selected Depositaires, Flagships Stores and Appointed Merchants worldwide starting in March 2016 and followed by Asia in April 2016.

Media contact: Oettinger Davidoff AG Corporate Communications Hochbergerstrasse 15 CH – 4002 Basel Tel. +41 61 279 36 24

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