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Davidoff's Innovative Double Blade Punch Cutter

Davidoff launches its first Duocut Double Blade Punch Cutter with two blades that can be activated simultaneously — the new indispensable accessory for a memorable cigar ritual

February 2016 (Basel, Switzerland) - The German-crafted Duocut Double Blade Punch Cutter’s innovative design will enable aficionados to prepare their next cigar experience with precision and versatility and fully enjoy their favourite cigar. The Duocut has two independent razor-sharp blades to deliver a perfect cut in any ring gauge (RG). One is designed for large cigars and the smaller one for thinner cigars under 50 (RG). The wrapper is left with the cleanest edge and the draw of the cigar is effortless and balanced.

"Preparing a cigar for enjoyment is part of the cigar aficionados’ ritual. As such, this stylishly crafted Duocut Double Blade Punch Cutter from Davidoff will enhance the ritual by delivering a precise cut for any ring gauge, helping to ensure their time is filled beautifully with their favourite cigars,” says Charles Awad, Senior Vice President Global Marketing & Innovation at Oettinger Davidoff AG.

Crafted with precision in Germany from high-grade stainless steel, the Davidoff Duocut Double Blade Punch Cutter combines craftsmanship and high performance. It is discreet, travel-friendly and robust and will be available in contemporary brushed or satin metallic colours (steel, black, rose gold and brown). Each Duocut Double Blade Punch Cutter comes with a two-year guarantee.

About the double blade innovation and technology By twisting the tip of the cutter to the right, the large blade will cut the cigars in ring gauges (RG) from 50 to 70. By twisting it to the left, the smaller blade will fit any cigar ring gauge from 40 to 50 (RG). With one single movement it is possible to access both blades while holding the cigar in the other hand.

Launch and availability The Davidoff Duocut Double Blade Punch Cutter will be available to cigar aficionados at selected Davidoff Flagship Stores and Appointed Merchants/Depositaires in Europe starting in April 2016, and in the US and Asia in May 2016.

Media contact: Oettinger Davidoff AG Corporate Communications Hochbergerstrasse 15 CH – 4002 Basel Tel. +41 61 279 36 24

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