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Cohiba 1966, Special Commemorative Edition

The Cohiba Majestuoso 1966 vitola –unseen in Habano’s vitola stock- is the deluxe dweller of the Humidor Cohiba 1966, Special Commemorative Edition, an exclusive box featuring a one-and-only design and containing 20 habanos.

Cohiba Majestuoso 1966” (ring gauge 58 x 150 mm long) is a commemorative edition with barely 1,966 units rolled, specially designed by Habanos S.A. to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the brand.

Its strong-tasting blend is intended to Cohiba aficionados who love intense flavors.

The Cohiba Majestuoso 1966 vitola has special sizes unseen in any other Cohiba product nor in Habano’s standard vitola portfolio. It’s a very special product for both enthusiasts of the Cohiba brand and the overall habano buff, thanks to its new format, thick ring gauge, exquisite blend and strong taste, designed for those smokers who love complex and intense tastes.

This commemorative edition is presented in an exclusively-designed and limited-edition humidor, featuring elegant simplicity and a subtle layout of vintage-style curves that pay tribute to the launch of the brand back in the 1960s.

Right of top of the shiny black-lacquered lid of this humidor-case, the Cohiba 50 Aniversario seal stands out, to be stamped on the brand’s different initiatives in the course of this year 2016. The inner side of the lid has a small plaque tacked on it to indicate the box number within this exclusive output of 1,966 pieces the series is made up of.

Habanos in this edition also boast new and exclusive presentations. In addition to the brand’s band, these habanos feature a commemorative filleted band in black and gilt, showing the 50 Aniversario seal and the dates spanning from the foundational year to date.

Cohiba is the most exclusive habano brand and the most innovative of all. It’s synonymous of luxury and an object of desire for the most demanding smokers from around the whole wide world.

Brand: Cohiba Store Vitola: Majestuoso 1966

Factory Vitola: Majestuoso 1966

Sizes: Ring Gauge 58 (23 mm) x 150 mm long [6" x 58]

Presentation: Exclusive edition (SPB) of 1,966 cases

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