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Humidor 50 Aniversario: Glamour and Avant-Gardism

As a follow-up to its innovative and avant-gardist dedication, Habanos S.A. is bringing delight to its customers and followers within the framework of the 18th Habano Festival, this time around with an exclusive proposal. The world’s most prestigious company in the realm of premium cigars is presenting its most exclusive and luxurious launch to mark the 50th anniversary of the Cohiba brand. This Cohiba 50 Aniversario special edition is adding for the first time ever a 60-ring-gauge habano to its vitola stock, with a unique format (ring gauge 60 x 178 mm long) designed for this special celebration of a brand founded in 1966.

The 2,500 habanos in this edition have been made relying on the signature mild-to-strong taste the brand has been known for in the course of these five decades. All of them have been rolled completely by hand with long filler at the mystical El Laguito Factory in Havana, following a selection of exquisite leaves for filler, binder and wrapper hailing from the finest tobacco plantations in Vuelta Abajo.

Clinging to Cohiba’s tradition, the leaves used in rolling the Cohiba 50 Aniversario were meticulously handpicked out of the best tobacco plantations from San Juan y Martinez and San Luis in the region of Vuelta Abajo. What’s more, the seco and ligero leaves used in this blend endured an additional fermentation process in barrels.

Exclusiveness, Innovation and Luxury

The Cohiba 50 Aniversario humidor is packed with new and dedicated details.

For the presentation of this habano, a beautiful main band in black and gilt, featuring the 50 Anniversary seal, has been designed. In it, some of Cohiba’s most characteristic elements have been reinterpreted in a new fashion, as in the case of the checkerboard. Each of these bands, exquisitely printed, is individually numbered.

This habano also boasts a second lower ring –printed in gilt with the use of different techniques- which displays the Cohiba brand’s first commercial design, colonially inspired and depicting a decorative typology, that was replaced shortly after it hit the market by the one in use today.

The current commemorative edition is presented in an exclusive cabinet humidor of luxurious design and a limited output of only 50 units. The piece of furniture is built with a variety of precious wood, such as ebony, macasar, sycamore and cedar from the guarea cedrata family. The groundbreaking outer cabinet that decorate the doors is the result of a long process of experimentation in which genuine ligero leaves from Vuelta Abajo have been used. The leaves were thoroughly chosen and plated in 24-karat gold. This delicate work, done by seasoned craftsmen from Paris, provides a new and captivating look at the world’s very best tobacco leaf.

The piece, a unique item for collectors, posed a legitimate challenge as far as innovation is concerned, especially in terms of craftsmanship, decoration, design and technical development.

Inside the humidor, several accessories have been designed for this occasion, such as a travel humidor for five habanos, a handmade leather cigar case, an ashtray crafted with the same cabinetmaking technique used for the outer part of the humidor and finished in refined Armenian obsidian, as well as many other details that make this cabinet humidor a one-and-only piece of luxury, both memorable and unrepeatable, that has been designed for the brand’s most exclusive aficionados. The humidor was made by Elie Blue, a company that has collaborated with Habanos S.A. and the Cohiba brand for the second time in ten years. Each humidor will be numbered from 01 to 50 and customized with the owner’s name. All buyers will also receive a certificate of ownership and authenticity issued by Habanos S.A.

Furthermore, and faithful to the Cohiba brand’s innovative profile and to this project, the cabinet is outfitted with a gadget that allows the owner to keep track of both temperature and humidity conditions inside the humidor from his smartphone or tablet, thanks to an exclusive app that will be remotely connected to a sensor installed inside the humidor. The application will also become an exclusive communication channel to be on top of the brand’s latest releases in tribute to its 50th birthday, let alone give the proprietor the chance to have a digital copy of his or her certificate of ownership and authenticity.

Auction Price

The cabinet humidor number 001 from the entire series will be sold under the gavel at the traditional auction during the closing Gala Night of the 18th Habano Festival. The remaining 49 humidors will be auctioned off among Habanos S.A.’s exclusive distributors and dealers from around the world. That auction will be held in the month of June in Havana, in which Cohiba 50 Aniversario has a pretty good chance of reaching the highest bidding price ever paid for a premium cigar, something that will be informed at the end of the auction.

Technical Specs

Brand: Cohiba

Store Vitola: 50 Aniversario

Factory Vitola: Grandiosos

Sizes: Ring Gauge 60 (23,80 mm) x 178 mm long

Presentation: Exclusive production of 50 cabinet humidors

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