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New Cohiba Medio Siglo

With the rollout of this premium cigar, a new member of Linea 1492, Habanos S.A. marks the 50th anniversary of Cohiba brand. This is a brand-new Cohiba vitola up to par with today’s trendsetters, which delivers Cohiba’s taste and complexity in a clipped format

The celebration of 50 years of Cohiba brand has been a perfect opportunity for Habanos S.A. to shed light on its Cohiba Medio Siglo (ring gauge 52 x 102 mm long), which will join the brand’s regular portfolio, within Línea 1492, in tribute to the brand’s 50th anniversary, launched in 1966.

Medio Siglo represents a new vitola for Habanos and its sizes also pay homage to two other classic vitolas treasured in Línea 1492. Cohiba Medio Siglo features Cohiba Siglo VI’s ring gauge 52 (20.64 mm) and Cohiba Siglo I’s length (102 mm), so it’s a habano with a clipped and modern format, absolutely new in the brand, with a drawing time of approximately 30 minutes and the mild strength Línea 1492 has been famous for.

Moreover, it’s important to highlight that it is the first launch within Línea 1492 since 2002, when Cohiba Siglo VI was put on the map. With Medio Siglo, Cohiba beefs up its offer in the small format realm and gives smokers an interesting vitola in line with the latest trends.

Cohiba Medio Siglo will be sold in two different presentations: a 25-unit slide box (SLB) and a pouch of 3 aluminum tubes each.

Brand: Cohiba

Store Vitola: Medio Siglo

Factory Vitola: Medio Siglo

Size: Ring gauge 52 x 102 mm long [4" x 52]

Presentation: 25-unit slide box (SLB)/Pouch of 3 aluminum tubes each

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