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Jonathan Drew Debuts New Spirits Collection

Courtesy of John Drew Brands

Jonathan Drew Announces New Company “John Drew Brands", along with 3 inaugural brand launches - John Drew Collection Rye, Brixton Mash Destroyer, and Dove Tale Rum

April 19, 2016 (Wynwood, FL) - Jonathan Drew has announced his plans today to enter the spirits industry with his new venture, “John Drew Brands”. The movement will focus on spirits, craft beverages, and food. Best known for "Market Disruption" before the word was an art form, JD pioneered new market segments in the premium cigar industry with brands such as "ACID Cigars" and "Kentucky Fire Cured Cigars." Over 19 years, the Drew Estate founder created one of the world’s largest premium cigar companies - Drew Estate. In November 2014, DE was sold to Swisher International (Swisher Sweets) for an undisclosed amount. "My life's journey has been hard, and sometimes painful," said the 45-year-old Drew. "Permanently moving to war-torn Nicaragua in 1998 without speaking a word of Spanish was emblematic of the risks I embraced to have access to the raw materials we required for our cigars. While I'm proud of the successful brands & culture we've birthed at DE, my greatest pride and joy was living inside the factory for 14 years, only steps away from the daily production, packaging, and leaf processing. On a daily basis, I was working on the factory floor before breakfast. The dedication and hard work from the DE team in the USA allowed me to remain laser focused on brand ideation from an organic perspective on the factory floor, not from a whack corporate office."

President of Drew Estate, Michael Cellucci, commented from Estelí, Nicaragua, "JD might just be the Bo Jackson of the cigar and spirits industries. His passion and commitment for Drew Estate Cigar Company remains 100% intact with no plan to disengage. I have full confidence in his team’s ability to develop a legacy in the spirits world as well. JD is a visionary with an attitude to match, but he doesn't forget his roots or his people. This is going to be a lot of fun and Jonathan is amped up, so expect a wild ride." To continue to follow the developing story of John Drew Brands, visit the new websites for the brands at,, and Also, follow John Drew Brands on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook at @johndrewbrands. About John Drew Brands: Founded in 2015, John Drew Brands is an NDP Beverage Startup, with a reckless spirit to destroy... Initially focused on developing rum and whiskey brands, as well as “Second Birth Craft Spirits”, John Drew Brands represents quality, transparency and a vision-forward philosophy. Brand portfolio includes Brixton Mash Destroyer, Dove Tale Rum, and John Drew Rye.

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