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Macanudo Experiments With a Limited Edition Release, and Launches Two Rare Vintage Blends

At the recent International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers Association (IPCPR) 2016 trade show, General Cigar Company proudly debuted their continued expansion of the Macanudo portfolio with a limited edition release, and two limited edition vintage blends.


Introducing the Macanudo Mao The evolution of Macanudo continues with Macanudo Mao, a limited edition release featuring heirloom Dominican seeds from the 1960’s.

Reflecting a previously-untouched science, Macanudo’s team of agronomists regenerated the seeds over eight growing seasons, breeding the plants in two different countries to deliver improved leaf shape, color and combustibility, while preserving the rare tobacco’s true flavor.

In just four years, the agronomists have replicated the taste of a bygone era for the sheer enjoyment of today’s discerning smokers.

The regenerated Dominican tobacco comprises the lion’s share of the blend, which also includes Nicaraguan and Colombian long filler and a Mexican binder. The wrapper is a silky Connecticut Shade selected solely for Macanudo Mao.

Jhonys Diaz, master blender and vice president of operations said, “Macanudo Mao is one of our finest examples of tobacco expertise to date. We began our regeneration experiments more than five years ago, and are extremely proud of our team of agronomists for bringing this exceptionally-flavored tobacco back to life.”

Named for the growing region in the Dominican Republic where the seeds were cultivated, Mao delivers a new dimension of strength, flavor and sweetness to the brand, while retaining the smooth-smoking characteristics of all cigars bearing the Macanudo crest.

This exceptional cigar is handcrafted in the D.R. and will only be available until the limited release of 1,800 boxes per size is depleted.

Macanudo Mao will be available beginning in September in three frontmarks, each protected in individual coffins and presented in 10-count boxes. They are:

No. 10 -- 5" x 50; SRP per cigar is $16.00

No. 11 -- 7" x 50; SRP per cigar is $17.00

No. 12 -- 6" x 57; SRP per cigar is $18.00

General Cigar Releases Rare Macanudo Vintage Cigars

General Cigar presents the opportunity to own a piece of premium cigar history with rare Macanudo Vintage cigars. A limited release of the final remaining Vintage cigars from the 1984 and 1988 collections will be made available at prices established when the cigars were launched more than two decades ago.

Alan Willner, vice president of marketing for General Cigar said, “Macanudo was the first brand to introduce Vintage cigars, and this collection has played an important role in the evolution of the brand. As such, we have intentionally withheld limited quantities of our Vintage offerings over the years, and are proud to offer an allotment of the remaining cigars this year to the delight of Macanudo loyalists who continue to make the brand a worldwide best-seller.”

Macanudo Vintage Cabinet Selection 1984 Like the greatest of Bordeaux wines, a Macanudo Vintage Cabinet Selection cigar is the result of extraordinary climatic conditions. In the latter part of the past century, only five Macanudo crops of Connecticut Shade wrapper tobacco were deemed worthy of the Macanudo Vintage designation. The 1984 crop yielded the richest of wrapper leaves which were slowly cured, not once but twice, to further enrich their flavor.

A fine expression of the Macanudo Vintage series, Macanudo Vintage Cabinet Selection 1984 cigars are cradled in a handsome wooden box that upon opening, reveals a flawless wrapper and a cigar of meticulous craftsmanship. Two sizes of Macanudo Vintage Cabinet 1984 will be released in August, in boxes containing 20 cigars.

Macanudo Vintage Cabinet II C 1984 -- 6” x 42 – SPR per cigar $25.59 ($511.80 per box)

Macanudo Vintage Cabinet III C 1984 – 5” x 42 – SPR cigar $24.59 ($491.80 per box)

Courtesy of General Cigar Company

Macanudo Vintage Cabinet Selection 1988 Macanudo 1988 Vintage Cabinet Selection is made with a Connecticut Shade wrapper from a crop that many considered to be the best in decades. The fine, supple wrappers went through two winter “sweats” in curing sheds in Connecticut before artisans hand-selected leaves worthy of inclusion in this small batch series.

The blend is made with superlative tobaccos. The San Andres binder was selected from the best of the highly rated 1988 crop. The binder leaves underwent “medio tiempo” aging, left to ripen 50% longer, allowing the leaves to become heavier in texture, darker in color and fuller in taste. The result is a cigar that is peerless in appearance, flavor and construction. Macanudo Vintage Cabinet Selection 1988 cigars will be distributed in August, in boxes that protect 20 cigars.

Macanudo Vintage Cabinet I C 1988-- 7” x 49 – SPR per cigar $14.99 ($299.80 per box)

Macanudo Vintage Cabinet II C 1988 – 6” x 42 – SPR cigar $13.49 ($269.80 per box)

Macanudo Vintage Cabinet III C 1988 – 5” x 42 – SPR cigar $11.99 ($239.80 per box)

Macanudo Vintage Cabinet V C 1988 – 5” x 49 – SPR cigar $14.49 ($298.80 per box)

For more information about Macanudo Cigars, check out the website at, and follow on social media:

Facebook: Macanudo Cigars

Twitter: @macanudo

Instagram: @macanudocigars

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