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Davidoff's Rarest Cigar Released

November 4, 2016 (Basel, Switzerland) - Now, in time for Christmas 2016, Davidoff Cigars is presenting an extraordinary and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to collectors of rare cigars and avid aficionados to get their hands on this ultimate indulgence. In an unprecedented move, Davidoff will be releasing just five batches of 50 Oro Blanco Special Reserve 2002 cigars, which five aficionados across the globe will have the opportunity to acquire by special request at Davidoff Flagship stores for an MSRP valued at approximately: 22.500€ per batch or by ordering them online at

“This is the ultimate indulgence for a passionate cigar collector. The question one may ask is when will there be a moment special enough to enjoy an Oro Blanco? As one of the world’s rarest cigars, Oro Blanco Special Reserve 2002 is ideal to celebrate a momentous occasion or to be relished at leisure during a rare or life-changing moment. An Oro Blanco moment is guaranteed to be beautifully and memorably filled with the finest flavors and aromas that Davidoff has ever crafted,” explains Charles Awad, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing & Innovation at Oettinger Davidoff AG.

Only a smallest batch of the rarest tobaccos with truly exceptional attributes has been grown in the richest of soils in the Mao region where three mighty rivers – the Mao, Gurabo and Yaque del Norte - meet. After the first 2002 harvest, Eladio Diaz, Davidoff’s renowned Master Blender, patiently aged the crop, nurturing it and tasting it regularly in order to judge when it would be at its peak. He insisted on waiting 12 years – then another 18 months on top of that – to ensure Oro Blanco was like no other cigar on earth. Released only when Master Blender Eladio Diaz decides the cigar has aged beautifully,the world must wait for Oro Blanco. And it is with him that the decision lies as to who, when and how many cigars will be brought to market worldwide.

The wait was worth it. The Oro Blanco Special Reserve 2002 is like no other cigar. The tobaccos used to craft it will be used for Oro Blanco alone. No other cigar will ever – ever – use the same tobacco. The experience of enjoying an Oro Blanco will therefore be like nothing else aficionados have ever known.

Davidoff Oro Blanco Special Reserve 2002 is of unparalleled quality, subtle, refined and elegantly balanced to deliver an exquisitely sophisticated and rare experience. It pairs well with an aged rum or a smooth, fine whiskey and will appeal most to and be a perfect gift for aficionados who are seeking the ultimate indulgence and those ultra-rare, exquisite cigars that can fill their memorable moments in life beautifully.

The Davidoff Oro Blanco Special Reserve 2002 comes in a Toro format (RG 54 x 6” — 2.2 x 15.2 cm).

Only the top Davidoff retailers around the world will have the honor of gaining access to the Oro Blanco.

This rare release gives five collectors the opportunity to purchase 50 cigars, available in 5 boxes of 10 cigars. The cigars will be available on request only at top selected Davidoff Flagship Stores and depositaires worldwide or by requesting online at starting in November 2016 – while they are still available.


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