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Casa de Montecristo Coming to Tampa in June

According to today's edition of the Tampa Bay Times, new retail businesses are set to arrive to the Soho-Hyde Park area of Tampa - inclusive of a new cigar bar.

On SoHo's main strip, Casa de Montecristo will be opening in June 2017 at 510 S. Howard Avenue, next to The Lodge restaurant and bar. This current location had been a hair salon for many years and will undergo demolition shortly to make way for the new construction of the cigar bar, which will be owned by Mike Howe - current owner of Tampa Humidor located on Busch Boulevard in North Tampa. The new 2,200-square-foot Casa de Montecristo will contain a bar and will have a full liquor license (unlike Tampa Humidor), and will include an outdoor patio smoking area, vaulted ceilings with an open floor plan, and a state-of-the-art air purification system.

Premium cigars will be the only tobacco products sold - the store will not carry electronic or regular cigarettes, pipes, pipe tobacco, or hookahs. Cigar prices are expected to range between $6 to $40 each.

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