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Maryland Cigar Lounge Closed Due to Illegal Nightclub Operations

After a lengthy investigation, the Maryland State Fire Marshal's Office has determined that Invictus Cigars, located at 2894 Old Washington Road in Waldorf, MD, has been operating in violation of the Life Safety and Fire Code by illegally operating the cigar lounge as a nightclub establishment. The owner, identified as Malcolm L. Hill (age 42), has been charged with Reckless Endangerment and the Maintenance of a Fire Hazard in violation of the Maryland Public Safety Article.

Over the past few months, investigators worked closely with Charles County’s Planning and Growth Management to identify the appropriate requirements for use of the building as requested by the business owner, who initially requested a permit to operate the business for retail sales. At some point later, Hill requested to use the building as a lounge/bar which did not meet those Fire and Life Safety Code requirements. Despite knowing the building did not meet the fire and life safety requirements, Mr. Hill failed to follow the proper use and hosted an unapproved event, resulting in the Use & Occupancy permit for Invictus Cigars being revoked by the Charles County Government on April 11, 2017. Mr. Hill was able to get his Use & Occupancy permit back under the retail restrictions; however, on April 21st, Mr. Hill was found to be operating the establishment for a nightclub style event. Subsequently, investigators ordered the establishment to be evacuated and closed immediately.

Maryland State Fire Marshal's Office has affirmed that the illegal operation and blatant disregard for the fire and life safety code requirements placed Invictus Cigar’s customers and employees at risk for a potentially dangerous environment.

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