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"Haunted" Cigar Bar to be Featured on Netflix

According to Milwaukee's local NBC affiliate, the cigar bar in the Walker's Point neighborhood known for its "haunted" reputation could be featured in a new Netflix series.

Courtesy of Shaker's Cigar Bar

A Netflix film crew was at Shaker’s Cigar Bar on Sunday, June 25th. A post on the bar's Facebook page says Netflix has chosen Shaker's, as well as the Cream City Cannibal Tour, as subjects for a new program on the 8 most unusual adventure tours.

The Shaker's building was built in the 1800’s and was a speakeasy, cemetery and brothel in its past. The bar was used extensively as a location site for a 1990's produced Warner Brothers movie "Dillinger," according to their website. Check here for Shaker's Cigar Bar's currently offered tours of its "haunted" past.

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