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Survey Provides Key Business-Boosting Practices for Cigar Retailers

Courtesy of Davidoff of Geneva

Tobacco Business, the B2B publication of the Tobacco Media Group (TMG) for tobacco industry businesses, conducted a survey of 110 cigar shop owners in efforts to suggests ways in which tobacco retailers may boost their businesses.

The survey identified various practices which may be employed to potentially boost business:

  1. Add a walk-in humidor

  2. Actively market on social media

  3. Offer one-day special deals

  4. Offer knowledgeable, personal service

  5. Carry additional cigar/tobacco accessories

  6. Reward loyal customers via special programs

For additional information and more details about the survey, check out the full article entitled "How to Survive and Thrive as a Tobacconist Today" published September 1 on Tobacco Business Magazine website.

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