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Renowned Brooklyn Cigar Lounge's NFL Boycott

On September 9, 2017, Gloria Cherubin-Blake, owner and proprietor of Blew Smoke Cigar Room in Brooklyn, NY, posted the following on social media (as shared on the Smokeasy Facebook page):

Blew Smoke has decided to not play any NFL Games in our establishment this season. As a community we will divest from the NFL In support of Colin Kaepernick's stance against police brutality. We recognize the risks as small business owners but it's a sacrifice we are committed to in order to create a space for free expression of our voice. Our motivation is to create time and space for alternative experiences. As the only black owned cigar lounge in the Northeast, Blew Smoke offers a unique take on the cigar experience and culture.

This Sunday will be the kick off of our boycott. We have a variety of events that we will enjoy during our alternative experience.

Come out and join us for Sunday Dinner and a vibrant conversation on the NFL boycott. We want to hear your thoughts. After dinner we will kick off our Game Night with tournaments in Chess, Spades, and Uno.

The #NFLboycott has been gaining significant traction, as the situation has become much larger than Kaepernick's persistent unemployment in the NFL. Many sports bars are joining the boycott and have announced that they will not be broadcasting any NFL games in their establishments this season as a result of the unfair treatment of Kaepernick by the NFL.

Huge shout out to SB Nation for their coverage of Blew Smoke's stance of support of Kaepernick.

Check out the full article on the SB nation entitled "How a New York cigar shop is changing its Sunday routine to boycott the NFL" by clicking here.

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