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Politics, Religion in Cigar Lounges - No Place For It...

Interesting op-ed in the Long Island Press today, written by former Democratic Congressman and now Long Island University Professor Steve Israel, entitled "Smoke-filled Rooms and Unvarnished Opinions."

Club Macanudo, New York, NY

Check out his description of his experience in a cigar lounge - a lounge that clearly violated the unwritten rule of "no politics, no religion" (cigar etiquette cardinal rule #1). Click here to read the op-ed. I left a comment for the author; however, it seems to have disappeared... (interesting)

My (vanished) commentary:

Interesting op-ed Congressman. It's what we would truly like to believe; however, it's far from our reality. This cigar lounge has clearly violated one of the cardinal rules of cigar etiquette: "No politics, no religion." In addition, cable news channels have absolutely no business being on any monitors in a cigar lounge. I have experienced the same chatter you have, unfortunately it was quite sincere. I was not offended or uncomfortable by the chatter I overheard, simply because I see people for who they are once they open their mouths. But I will leave, and have left, a cigar lounge when chatter moves toward this direction unchecked. My sole purpose for patronizing a lounge is to enjoy my smokes in peace, either alone or with other #botl & #sotl from different walks of life who share the same passion and enthusiasm for the leaf.

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