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NewAir Launches Upgraded Cigar Humidor That Cools and Warms for Perfect Cigar Temperatures

March 14, 2018 (Cypress, CA via PRWeb) - NewAir Appliances has introduced a new electronic humidor that offers improved features for serious cigar aficionados. The NewAir CC-100H Electronic Humidor With Climate Control and Lock features both a heating and cooling function in order to help maintain cigars at their optimal storing conditions from 67 degrees to 73 degrees Fahrenheit for full enjoyment.

Courtesy of NewAir

The CC-110H is an upgrade of NewAir’s best-selling CC-100 Thermoelectric Cigar Humidor. "We got feedback from customers who live in colder climates, and they really want to be able to warm their humidors up to their desired temperature. After all, getting the interior to 70 degrees requires a heater if you live in Minnesota in the winter, instead of a cooler if you live in Arizona," said Andrew Stephenson, Director of Product Marketing at NewAir Appliances. "Now people all over the country can enjoy perfect cigars that are ready for any occasion."

Traditionally, cigars are stored in conditions that mimic the tropical climates where they originate, which keeps the tobacco in top condition until the cigars are smoked. Most cigars should be stored at approximately 70 degrees Fahrenheit and at 70 percent relative humidity.

The NewAir CC-100H also features a door lock that allows users to keep their collection of cigars more secure. "We felt strongly about adding this feature to our humidor to help families keep their cigars out of the hands of young children. It’s great for peace of mind," said Stephenson.

Like the previous model, the NewAir CC-100H Electronic Humidor With Climate Control and Lock has LED lighting and Spanish cedar shelves and drawers. The new model also stores up to 250 cigars.

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